Wednesday, May 4, 2011


OK, so yesterday we had a field trip, the entire class roaming a college campus.  For the most part they did wonderfully, that is, until you’re tired.  Like any kid eventually the hot sun, Arizona’s 94°, and a whole lot of walking added up to some grumpy kids.  Let’s face it all that added up to a grumpy teacher too.  Being outside and calling for attention didn’t always mean a class that heard or responded.

This called for a timeout; we all took a break in the shade.  Some of us ended up with muddy pants after finding a wet patch in the grass.  Of course they found it the hard way.  This timeout was a chance for us to recuperate and get back to having fun.  We all gave each other some high fives, went over the rules, and rethought our choices in behaviors.  It made for a much better trip.

You know visiting a college campus means a lot of walking and a lot of looking.  Even though we discussed this before the trip I’m not entirely sure that they realized how much walking it meant.  Really if you’ve never been to a college campus though, how can you know what kind of walking or activities are planned until you’re there.
By regrouping and getting everyone on a positive note we were able to end our day and a trip in a positive way.  By time we got on the bus I was a lot less worried about behavior or even those in a kid.  I always get really stressed out what this field trip because it’s so wide open and there’s so many things that a kid could get into and get away from a group.  The kids are so used repeating the rules now that we know when we need to repeat the rules some changes really need to be made.

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