Monday, May 9, 2011

changing up class-yes

I keep using the brain toys, although I can’t say I’m using a bunch of them. Even though it’s the end of the year I just can’t overload them. We all have seen the overwhelmed looks on their faces when to many new things are in their brains. Officially I only have 7 more days left and we are still covering new material, thanks to WBT. I know we wouldn’t be covering anything if I was using any other management style. WBT just rocks like that. I do see kids getting more and more antsy but we keep having fun. I do want to introduce Mind Soccer, an excuse to use all that energy. It seems like the perfect time. We watched the video online, all the kids are excited to try.

Today however, I did introduce the idea of using team instead of class for the class-yes. Totally helped my lag time in the class-yes. I had noticed that the kids weren’t responding quickly enough. Team was a different word to hear. I introduced it as being used when we were being a great team so the students can track how they are doing. Thank goodness I kept forgetting all day. Luckily I forgot and they weren’t being the best team. It helped them make small corrections to their attitude to build a team. They all want to know what’s next after team. One kid said she thought it would be family, which I like but don’t know if I’ll use. I was planning on using Biffle’s idea; class, team, winners, champions’ but, I might work panthers (our school mascot) or Vinnie (our class rabbit) into it too since it builds our team as well.

Love, luck, and lollipops ; )

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