Wednesday, May 4, 2011

classroom rules

The thing I noticed most about my field trip was that something as simple as having the kids say the rules made a big difference in our day.  Part of whole brain teaching is that if the kids are not following a rule and we repeat it complete with hand gestures.  Instead of the kids getting in trouble we can remind them what is expected of them and let them make the changes necessary.  That way we’re taking a very positive approach nothing gets dragged down, no yelling happens.  The kids know the rules and they know the expectations, by this point there’s no doubt in my mind.  So instead of being the grumpy teacher, they do the reminding for me by repeating the rule what the hand gestures.  In effect, they expected of themselves.

Now the kids did not start out understanding the rules.  We all know that and it didn’t start out knowing our expectations.  They did have a good idea.  So the first few weeks of school and periodically throughout the year we discuss them and practice them.  At the beginning of the year we break the rules and then practice them the way they should look.  Yes, I said break the rules everyone loves to break the rules.  We giggle we shall its silly and they truly know what I expect them not to do.  But then we go through what I expected to look like.  It’s a lighthearted way to make sure my point is absolutely clear.  We also discussed the hand gestures and procedures for saying the rules.  The students definitely repeat the rules every morning after the pledge of allegiance.  And then anytime throughout the day that they are in train a new atmosphere they made me to say the rules.  Throughout the day when there are behavior problems we repeat the necessary rule associated with that behavior problem.

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