Friday, April 26, 2013

New Stuff

Start looking for posts again from me. I just got a teaching job in Arizona. Of course that means another cross country move for me but my husband, David, seems to love the drive (not joking he really likes it) so off we go. In august I'll be starting my year with 4th graders and couldn't be happier. Just got to quit my current job. Which is always hard, sort of like breaking up with someone.

So I'll be posting again for now probably setting up my class or rather preparing to set up my class. I'm moving in July, I have to report July 22, and school begin August 5th or something like that. Money will be tight, with a move that's about 80 days away, that makes it fun.

This year I'm making a lot of my class decorations ahead of time. So I'll be posting whatever happens to be my focus of the moment. Anything I think will help others or that I happen to really like.

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